Her name was always a mystery to me. But yes she was the most friendly girl of our campus. She talks to every random person she meets and she had a special power by which she makes everyone smile.

I know her from my school days. She was one of our staff’s daughter. So she came to school at sharp 7:30am. On her way to classroom, she wishes everyone, and I was one of them.

With time and my urging curiosity, fate bought us together. I’m a freak guy who just have looks and nothing else. But she doesn’t have much good looks, but her inner beauty, charm had an aura that attracted everyone towards her.

She was a foodie. Her love for food can’t be described in words. And both of us were in same class but different sections, so I was just able to talk to her at recess time. And the spent with her are just immortal. Each and every moment with so precious to me.

I don’t know if I was already fallen for her or am I inspired by her. Because there are times when I got jealous of other guys because she doesn’t had any girls as her friends, she was always comfortable with guys and I think that’s the reason why she is so cool. She was always there for anyone who needs a helping hand.

Now a girl with so many good traits would definitely become most of guy’s crush. But here also she kept rejecting every guy proposed to her. According to her, Being in relationship equals a black hole in our pocket😅.

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